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If you only have your own data, you’re missing most of the story. Know how your competitors and the economy are doing with granular, fast third party data. Know it now, not when it’s too late.

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One centralized location for data. Combine disparate data sources.
Always up to date. No engineering required.

Our mission is to make the world’s economic data transparent to
governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs and enable a new
generation of decision makers.

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Clear, straightforward data dictionaries, with SQL examples and example apps; try data before you buy it

Public datasets are free, formatted to join with anything we sell

Focus on decisions, not engineering

Data updated as fast as it is released: focus on acting on data rather than building pipelines

Analytics-ready data delivered to your Snowflake instance with no data engineering work on your part

Spend less time on compliance and licenses

Simple terms and transparent pricing via enterprise-wide licenses

We diligence the regulatory landscape for our data and share restrictions upfront

About Cybersyn

Cybersyn was built to provide you with market intelligence data that you can act on quickly. Starting with where consumers and businesses spend money and time, Cybersyn analytics-ready delivers external data directly to your data warehouse. Whether you’re doing sales forecasting, pricing optimization, or personalization, if you’re only using your own data, you’re missing out on the rest of the picture.

Leveraging external data typically requires R&D, long sales conversations, opaque pricing, and complex licenses: with Cybersyn, the process is simple. You can see our data dictionaries on the Snowflake Marketplace, the data shows up in your Snowflake instance with no engineering work, and everyone pays one price.

Our founder and CEO, Alex Izydorczyk, spent almost 7 years architecting and leading the data science team at Coatue, a multi-billion dollar investment manager. Alex helped Coatue incorporate real-time economic data into their investment process and pushed the boundaries on data-sharing technology. His passion for real-time economic data and desire to make the possible easier led him to start Cybersyn in 2022.

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